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DFO - Is this game worth it ?

The game is overall way better off than it was under Nexon.However, as with any game, it's not for everyone. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try, but depending on what drove you away the first time, it may not hook you.

The game is much better than Nexon days. The devs shower us with events (every 2 weeks and they're pretty decent)... and we get content updates super fast. There are free skill resets as much as you like, too. Best of all, they have this "premium" thing with some perks... and they often give everyone ways to get it for free :)

They have the Fatigue Point system, but leveling is very streamlined, and the FP limit is doubled with the "premium" thing. They also have multiple ways to get, or create, FP potions to restore some FP.

Don't like your chosen subclass? You can switch between any subclass for a minor gold fee prior to level 50.But end game is still a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, F'N HORRIBLE GRIND. I'm taking quit-your-job, this-is-your-life-now horrible grind. They give you a decent amount of free hell invite tickets through events, but good f'n luck getting your desired epic gear in less than 50,000 invites spent... and that's just for one item. Heaven forbid you should want a whole set :P

Otherverse is pretty easy to do, but good luck getting your desired set in a reasonable amount of time.
PvP is pretty lopsided right now, favoring gunners and slayers.
Is the game worth it? Sure, if you can stomach the horrible f'n grind and you stay away from pvp.

To be fair, epics are not necessary for any of the endgame for most classes.
Which is not to say that epic droprates aren't incredibly frustrating, but at least you don't need to farm for them. Liberation weapons are very nearly as good. Epic armor sets are another story, but nothing is tuned around them anyways.

Otherverse, I feel is not that bad anymore because of the Otherverse Novice title and how it shares to parties. It actually makes it much easier to get fragments.
Buyable legendaries from NPCs aren't that bad, just they take time. It's just legendary and epic drops where the game goes off a cliff in terms of difficulty and time/money needed to obtain them.

Give it a try, its free. -New company treats the game right, they are very in touch with the community. We actually have livestreams with the devs on twitch. -Tons of new classes -streamlined leveling -real endgame dungeons to aspire to -biweekly events that are actually good -free mileage based avatars -pvp exists